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Our Services   

Big or small, The Sprinkler Guy LLC can handle the job. From fixing minor leaks to major repairs due to large excavations, we will get the job done right the first time and gaurantee our work will last. Unlike the larger companys around who forget that you are more than a number, we understand that you the customer is what keeps us in business. As a small company you can rest assured that you will be treated as a valued customer.


Installations: We use only the highest quality Weathermatic parts for all of our new installations. Backed by a 5 year warranty on all parts, you can feel confident that you will have an efficient lawn sprinkler system that will provide you with years of trouble free watering.

System Revamps:Do you have an old system in need of major repairs, or just a poorly designed system that never really did the job intended? The Sprinkler Guy LLC will re-install a new system designed to give you the coverage you need and give you the piece of mind that your not just throwing your hard earned money out the window everytime you water.

Additions:We can add to your existing lawn sprinkler system to give you coverage where you didn't have it before. In many cases builders install sprinklers only in the front yard. We can add lawn/landscape irrigation to the rear yard or wherever you need coverage.

Repairs: No repair too big or too small. Whether you've had a pool, patio or deck installed, or even had to replace your septic, don't fear, we can fix it. From fixing minor leaks to repairing entire yards, we will do it right the first time!

Replace Heads:Tired of those leaky heads pouring water down your driveway every morning? Those leaky heads are not only compromising the effectiveness of your entire sprinkler system, they are also costing you money every time your sprinkler system runs. And chances are, if you see one or two leaking, you probably have many more leaking on your property which go unnoticed. Hunter PGP's are notorious for this and are probably costing you money right now!

Replace Timers:Our state of the art timers are not only user friendly, they are also backed with a 5 year warranty. Our timers are expandable to give you the flexibility to add zones in the future without paying for a whole new timer. They are also extremely user-friendly and packed with features that are designed to make programming a breeze.

Rain Sensors: Adding a rain sensor to your sprinkler system will pay for itself before you know it. Our rain sensors will suspend watering of your system based on actual rainfall and allow you to keep money in your pocket instead of overwatering your lawn when mother nature has already done it for you.

Backflow Prevention Device Inspection: The Sprinkler Guy LLC Is a Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector. Safety first...Have your Backflow tested today!!!

Spring Turn-On: We will come to your house at a convenient time for you and prepare your system for the watering season. Your entire system will be checked electrically to ensure your timer and all valves are functioning properly, we will also check for damage and adjustments of all heads. We will then set your timer to an efficient watering schedule based on your property and current conditions.

Winterization: The Sprinkler Guy LLC will shut down your system, blow out the water in the lines and prepare it for the winter to prevent freeze damage and costly repairs in the spring.

Service Contracts: The Sprinkler Guy LLC is now offering yearly service contracts for additional savings and convenience. Compare all 3 and choose which one fits your needs.