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2015 Basic Service Contract

March 31 st through November 15 th2015

Our Basic Service Contract offers you a Spring Start-up Service &Winterization of your sprinkler system.

  • SPRING START-UP: The Sprinkler Guy LLC will turn on your sprinkler system and check to make sure it is operating correctly. This service includes testing of your irrigation timer, checking adjustments of all heads and setting your timer for an effective, efficient watering schedule.

  • WINTERIZATION: The Sprinkler Guy LLC will winterize your lawn sprinkler system as the watering season comes to an end to avoid freezing and cracking of pipes.

* Contract is valid March 31stthrough November 15 th 2015.There will be a $10 additional charge for any winterization scheduled after November 15th 2015

* Any additional work during Spring Start-Up or Winterization will be billed separately on a time and material basis upon consent from the customer.

* Maintenance and repair of pumps, or pump controls, or any well related service including, but not limited to iron clogging of heads or valves not included in this contract.

* Residential Customers Only

* All contracts are Non-Refundable

Please remember you must contact our office to schedule your appointments

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